Keep your home in a good state of repair

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homeownersBills, kids, food, fuel.. it can seem the list of things demanding our money is constantly growing. While most of us have a wish list for things we’d like to do around the house, it can end up a low priority compared with the food shopping or gas bill.

But while these things should clearly be given priority, keeping your house in a good state of repair is also essential – for all kinds of reasons. Letting the little things build up until they become major jobs will probably cost you more in the long run. Things like mould and damp can cause real problems and can also have a detrimental effect on your health. And your home will ultimately be worth more when you sell if you keep everything in check.

Research by thinkmoney, provider of this article, has shown that over half of UK homeowners say their home needs some kind of repairs. The most common outstanding work includes boundary fences and walls (32%) and exterior painting (30%). Other repairs needed included mould, damp, overgrown gardens, rotten woodwork, blocked gutters, rewiring and drains.

Treat immediately

While cosmetic repairs are important to the appearance of your house, there are some problems which really need to be treated urgently. If you have any problems with your electrics, for example, call in a professional straight away.

Similarly, mould and damp can cause all kinds of allergies and breathing problems. These issues won’t just go away by themselves so the sooner you tackle them the better – don’t leave it until you have unsightly mould everywhere and members of your household are sniffling.

Shop around

If you feel that you really can’t afford household repairs then shop around to see if you can get a better deal, or see if there is anyone offering handyman/woman services. They may not be able to sort your wiring out – that’s one for the experts – but they could paint your fence and tidy up your garden. Many of these services are costed at more affordable prices than you can find from larger companies.

If your budget really is little more than zero, then try to strike a deal with a friend or relative who might be able to use your expertise. For example, if you are an IT genius, you could offer to sort problems with their computer or broadband in return for their joinery or decorating skills.


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